Quite a difference from last time.

Modern Cocoa Farmer is now at a critical stage.  We are ready to start user tests with our target audience.  This means getting the game payed and reviewed by children. We hope that the game will be ripped apart in various ways and we have to be ready for that. This is not a simple process because applications and presentations need to be made to individual schools based on core learning stages. Personal contacts with a primary school make this task a little easier, but there is still a lot of work putting together lesson plans around the game.

We have added some more things to the game to make it more understandable including instructions (finally). We are well on the way to proving the concept and value of the project to educate and raise awareness about the issues of child slavery and trafficking.  However there is still much work to be done when it comes to donating through the game.  More news on that soon.

This is the video which introduces the game on hitting ‘play’ in the main menu.  It slowly brings the player down to a real village in Mali where children are said to be trafficked into the Ivory Coast for use on cocoa plantations. Children are coerced by traffickers with the promise of money for their families and items like bicycles or accommodation. Many children must work to earn money for the family but many of these trafficked children often don’t find their way back home and end up working as slaves. Modern Cocoa Farmer is designed to teach about this terrible issue by putting the player in the position of a parent, who has to make decisions about how to look after their children.  This Farmville or Sims style resource management game is intended to highlight the importance of education and show the positive effect that donation can have on the system . Child slavery and Human trafficking occurs all over the world and in other contexts. Perhaps this will be an introduction for some into learning about the problem and perhaps innovating to find a solution.

We live in a mixed up world, where people are treated like things. This has to change.